A Review of the MXI Corp (Xocai) Income Opportunity

MXI Corp (whose name stands for Marketing Xocalate International Corporation) is a company that is based out of Reno, Nevada. One of the more popular and heavily marketed divisions of this company is called Xocai. Xocai’s product line is made up of a variety of dark chocolate “treats” full of antioxidants that include X Power Squares, Xocai Nuggets, Protein Bars, Activ, and Omega Bars. There are also variety packs and gift boxes available for purchase.

There are opportunities to earn an income from Xocai and MXI Corp by becoming a Xocai Distributor. To become a Xocai Distributor there is an association fee of thirty five dollars. Many distributors like to call this the Xocai “club membership” fee. Once you join, you can earn income in a variety of ways. The two major ways are 1) to buy cases of Xocai products at wholesale prices and then sell the individual pieces at retail value and 2) to set up a down line and earn a commission from the sales of your down line.

With most multi level marketing programs, one person recruits a few people to work for him or her. Those people then go out and recruit a third set of people. This continues on, each group of people recruiting another group of people, and so on. This is called a down line. All of the members of a down line make sales. The members keep a portion of their sales and the rest of their profits get distributed up the down line. The head of a down line might earn five percent commissions off of their first level in the down line, four percent off the second level, three percent of the third, etc.

With Xocai, however, all Xocai down line members are treated as a single level, regardless of who recruited them and the head of the down line makes an average of the profits. This can be both good and bad because with other down lines, the head is guaranteed to make at least something. The Xocai method however has changed things so that if only some members of the down line make a profit, the original associate’s commission is diminished considerably. The most an associate will ever earn is fifty percent of all commissionable profits. This means that, in order to make enough with this business plan to be financially stable, an associate has to be incredibly careful about who gets recruited. This is not a MLM program that does the work without much effort. Another negative in the Xocai method is that all associates are required to have at least one level of down line and activate at least two more associates who will work under them.

While there are several methods of earning available with Xocai, you should beware of the MLM aspects of this program. It looks all good on the top but there are details that aren’t so friendly.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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