Comcast – Why Rebranded?

Comcast, an American global telecommunication conglomerate is at a transition phase. The transition is most probably historic and will become a mile stone in the evolution of the corporation. Comcast, being one of the nation’s largest broadcasting and Cable Television Company has been serving the country for the last 40 years. As we all know very well Comcast is actually Comcast Corporation with two primary business namely Comcast cable and NBC universal.

The Comcast cable provides various TV and internet access services to both residential and business customers. While NBC universal deals with news, sports cable networks.Recently the company has decided to rebrand its consumer products segment as Xfinity. This transition of chrome cast consumer segment to Xfinity is phenomenal and remarkable in the history of chrome Cast Corporation. As per company blog the transition is to make the brand unique identity and makes it stand on its strengths rather than standing on its parent company’s brand image.

However, now the company feels the necessity of a transition and is getting ready to rebrand itself as Xfinity. As per many sources that are close to the company, this transformation in company’s brand name is to make itself much familiar to the younger segment of the society. As a broadcasting corporation it is highly necessary for the firm to get it altered as per the generations and it ought to grow and transform accordingly. This could be the major reason for rebranding of the Comcast.

In fact the company is not changing its brand name but is altering its consumer segments such as TV, internet access and phone as Xfintiy. As per the company’s blog it is changing the brand name of its consumer products to show case its innovative abilities and is trying to project itself differently in the market. Many view this as company’s marketing strategy to build its own brand image different from its parent company.

As Comcast is a popular brand under cable TV segment and it has been identified for its brand name more rather than its striking innovation in the area of TV and internet access. To remove such intuitions from the customers and to popularize its other services under consumer segment, the company’s strategic management unit felt the necessity of rebranding the chrome cast from its older brand name to Xfinity which envelops all its consumer products and symbolizes many innovations in near future.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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