Home-Based Business – Good For Me – Good For You?

At times, I tend to get ahead of myself & this is one of those times. A while back, I published an article commenting on the subtle advantage of a home-based business without first addressing the entire concept of home-based businesses. After reading this, you may wish to visit that article published in this same venue.

The concept of a home-based business should first be accepted as a truly viable business model.. Within some professional circle, it is not. I must admit, I lived in one of those “Corporate America” circles for a long, long time.

But I do recall, that the concept of Network Marketing truly piqued my interest when Donald Trump admitted that, if had it to do all over again, he would venture into network Marketing. I think that was after his second bankruptcy.

To go one better, Robert Kiyosaki dedicated an entire book to this subject. His anthem was that it was an outstanding means to achieve wealth. He attracted a number of followers in trumpeting this message & profited quite handsomely.

With this as a scant backdrop, I must admit that Network Marketing attracted my attention & lured me deeper & deeper into the concept to the point where I became obsessed with it & had to move forward with all my energies.

As a few starting points, I saw a number of advantages:

  • The barriers to entry were very low with the desire to succeed far outweighing other factors.
  • The professional background can vary which is, by itself, a very accommodating attribute in today’s society.
  • Start-up costs, a significant component of most barriers to entry, were minimal & could be managed quite easily without being a cause to lose sleep.
  • There are no inventories to carry, no employees to nurse & no headaches.
  • The business offers great freedom of time which can readily adapt to personal desires or circumstances. I must admit that I had open-heart surgery during the early months of my business start-up. (Please accept that this was not caused by this business venture, but probably my lifetime in Corporate America.) In any event, I maintained continuity without severe disruption.
  • Personal earnings generally follow proportional to the effort invested.
  • Not only could I earn more in this profession, but I stumbled upon a few items in the tax code which became available.

But this is just what I found as attractions &, most likely, does not represent the majority of society. It just works for me.

If you have some inkling, or even mild attraction to the advantages of Network Marketing, I wholeheartedly encourage your continued investigation. Explore the breadth of options. Identify values & principals of the supplier & align them with your personal code. Conduct your due diligence. Be thorough.

While Network Marketing, or a Home-Based Business, may not appeal to everyone & everyone may not be successful. Those are the facts. Nonetheless, I advocate detailed investigation as it has the potential of presenting opportunities, including great wealth-building, that may not otherwise be available to you and your family.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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