How to Write a Home Based Business Article

Work from Home online business entrepreneurs are continuously searching for the correct way of how to write an article, be it for printed or online publications. In order to generate traffic, or bring attention to their home based business, they need to keep filling their websites, blogs or social networking sites with fresh quality content, normally in the form of articles. This practice is known as Article Marketing.

Their desire is the conquest and final mastering of the applicable techniques involved in the creation and submission of a successful written article. Typically writing good articles represents one of the first steps to be taken for the conscious work from home and/or online entrepreneur. This often times arduous process is considered as the cradle of generating frequent and substantial amounts of traffic to their online business web pages or blogs, that evidently would be deemed as more publicity and visits to their home sweet home business.

It’s also the overall opinion of the industry gurus, and their educated alumni that populate the online work from home forums, that good article writing constitutes a fundamental pillar and a well anchored launch platform for the seasoned entrepreneur, or for the thousands of new ordinary people that are continuously following the seemingly inerasable dream of working from home, with the plausible intention of earning extra income or achieving financial freedom. The goal is achievable by submitting as many articles as possible, filled with the most quality content imaginable, to the lately everywhere present article directory, where anyone looking for new web site or blog content will hopefully pick the articles up, or to write it directly on blogs and web pages so that avid search engines pick it up. The objective is to create a virus-like effect, with the idea, in this case, of a healthy and highly contagious infection. After all it’s maximum exposure what every entrepreneur writing an article is trying to obtain. Be advised and warned beforehand that requirements for article submitting to the different article directories and their accompanying guidelines are getting stricter, and that the interest and focus of article directories undoubtedly leans more to quality than quantity.

Start writing an article following the instructions of a successful online business entrepreneur.


The value of a good beginning for a home based business article, a short story or any article in general, results from the way in which most persons read web pages, magazines, newspapers or any kind of written advertisement and news. In browsing web pages and glancing through current publications, the average reader is attracted chiefly by headlines or titles, illustrations, and authors’ names. If any one of these interests him, he pauses a moment or two over the beginning “to see what it is all about.” The first paragraphs usually determine whether or not he goes any further.

A single copy of a newspaper, magazine, blog, or web page offers so much reading matter that the casual reader, if disappointed in the introduction to one article or short story, has plenty of others to choose from. But if the opening sentences hold his attention, he reads on. “Well begun is half done” is a saying that applies with peculiar fitness to all category of articles.


To accomplish its purpose an introduction must be both a unit in itself and an integral part of the article. The beginning, whether a single paragraph in form, or a single paragraph in essence, although actually broken up into two or more short paragraphs, should produce on the mind of the reader a unified impression. The conversation, the incident, the example, or the summary of which it consists, should be complete in itself. Unless, on the other hand, the introduction is an organic part of the article, it fails of its purpose. The beginning must present some vital phase of the subject; it should not be merely something attractive attached to the article to catch the reader’s notice. In his effort to make the beginning attractive, an inexperienced article writer is inclined to linger over it until it becomes disproportionately long. Its length, however, should be proportionate to the importance of that phase of the subject which it presents. As a vital part of the article, the introduction must be so skillfully connected with what follows that a reader is not conscious of the transition. Close coherence between the beginning and the article body is essential.

The four faults, therefore, to be guarded against in writing the beginning are;

  • The inclusion of diverse details not carefully coordinated to produce a single unified impression;
  • The development of the introduction to a disproportionate length;
  • The failure to make the beginning a vital part of the article itself;
  • The lack of close connection or of skillful transition between the introduction and the body of the article.


Because of the importance of the introduction, the article writer should familiarize himself with the different kinds of beginnings, and should study them from the point of view of their suitability for various types of articles.

The seven distinct types of article beginnings are:

(1) summary;

(2) narrative;

(3) description;

(4) striking statement;

(5) quotation;

(6) question;

(7) direct address.

Combinations of two or more of these methods are not infrequent.


The general adoption by print and online media of the summary beginning, or “lead,” for articles and news stories has accustomed the average reader to finding most of the essential facts grouped together in the first paragraph. The lead, by telling the reader the nature of the event or topic, the persons and things concerned, the time, the place, the cause, and the result, answers his questions, What? Who? When? Where? Why? How?

Not only are the important facts and issues summarized in such a beginning, but the most striking detail is usually “played up” in the first group of words of the initial sentence where it catches the eye at once. Thus the reader is given both the main facts and the most significant feature of the subject. Unquestionably this article and news story lead, when skillfully worked out, has distinct advantages alike for the news report and for the home based business article.

Let the final objective remain clear, the article is just the tool used to attract attention to the business, the seed for extra income and one step in the direction of reaping financial freedom.

By applying the methods outlined in the preceding paragraphs, online business entrepreneurs and ordinary work from home people alike have been able to prepare and submit articles that have been accepted by many newspaper, magazine editors, article directories; and search engines. The success that these online entrepreneurs have achieved leads the author to believe that others who desire to write articles from the comfort and refuge of their home sweet home may be aided by the suggestions given in this article.

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