Make Money With a Newspaper Clipping Business

This can be an extremely profitable type of business, and it is growing in need and popularity. There are many people all over the globe who are making lots of money every week, just going through and clipping news items in the privacy of their own houses!

The news clipping business is generally not understood by many people, and for that reason there are many people who are very questioning about it as a method for normal people to make extra cash at home. If you let your friends or neighbors know that you run a news clipping business, many of them will think you scour over the obituaries, funeral notices, and wedding announcements. Cutting these out and sending them to people or those who know of the people being written about.

In actual fact, this is just a very tiny section of the home-based newspaper clipping business. The very successful news clipping businesses have contracts with companies and organizations that want to stay up to date on any number of news items reported in the papers.

Some organizations hire clipping businesses as a way to stay up to date with what their competitors are doing. Other organizations, covering businesses of all types, use clipping services as a method of locating sales leads and new clients. Countrywide magazines and newspapers are always in need of unusual or off the wall material, and quite often will use a home-based clipping services.

To get yourself started in this type of business, you’ll just require a pair of scissors and as many different newspapers and magazines as you can get your hands on. A trip to your local public library can be most informative with relation to the newspapers and magazines available to subscribers.

You should also take a trip to your local wholesale paper company, or make an agreement with the local stationery shop to obtain labels at a discounted cost. You’ll want to put these labels on the top of each clipping you collect for your customers. On these labels, you will want to put the name of the publication the clipping originated from, and the date it was published, as well as your on name and details.

The next thing to do is just to begin clipping articles that mention or give details about particular companies or individuals. File your clippings in folders or boxes categorized to industries or kinds of businesses, by company name, and according to the the people named.

When you have a dozen or so clippings that relate to a particular company or individual, put them in a envelope and post them to that company’s manager or public relations person. You should send a short explanation with the clippings, detailing your service and your fees.

You should attempt to get your customers to want to pay you a monthly “reader’s fee,” for which you will search for anything in publications about them or the company or industry. Each occasion you find such an article, you of course cut it out, and post it to them.

A minimum monthly “reader’s fee” is generally around $25,but it can differ with regard to the amount of publications you go through, and the amount of clippings you find. Usually, a clipping business that scans publications across the state cost around $50 per customer, or $100 per customer for the ones requiring clippings from nationwide publications. These amounts, of course, are due monthly, and you can pretty much realize how you could make very good cash with just 20 or 25 customers.

To market and develop your enterprise, you can search through your local business directory and post out a marketing letter to all of those in the list. A few days after you’ve sent out your sales letter, you should call the organizations as a follow up.

A short and relevant ad under “Business Personals” in your daily newspaper is another way to bring in new customers for you. And when you can afford it, put at least a small distinct ad in the yellow pages of your telephone directory.

You should definitely get in touch with public relations firms, advertising agencies,and civic organizations in your locality. Detail your clipping services and see if they have any specific clients or requirements you can assist them with. You’ll find a lot of your local political and “cause” organizations very interested in getting clippings about their competitors.

Clipping businesses in one type or another have been around since the development of the printing press, and as said prior, the demand for them is developing. It’s certainly the type of business anyone who knows how to read can create and operate without putting up much of an investment.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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