Mediatrix C7 Series of Products by Media5 Corporation

Throughout the years Media5 Corporation had been bringing state-of-the-art hardware and technologies to the communication industry. Media5 products and services have been integrated in millions of devices, mobile phones and telecommunications equipment and applications. They continue to innovate products and they recently released Mediatrix C7, a series of products that has multi-function capabilities integrated in a single platform specifically targeted for small and medium sized business (SMB) applications. These applications can assist the busy businessman or woman. Faster and more efficient technologies that work over the computer saves investors needed time as well as parents working out budgets at home.

Mediatrix C7 overview

Mediatrix C7 is a series of products that combines Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Quality of Service (QoS) control, gateway functionality and other functions in a powerful all-in-one platform. The main feature of the series is its FXO/FXS interface that provides a great solution in maintaining connections on Public Switched Telephone Networks (FSTN) as well as deploying toll bypass networks. It enables a cost effective solution for VoIP deployment in SMBs, supporting both private network and IP Centrex applications. Mediatrix C7 Series can be easily integrated or connected to your current analog phones, fax machines, point of sale systems, trunk lines, modems and other IP communication devices.

Mediatrix C7 key features

Mediatrix C7 has a lot of key features, from voice, network and security features, to the ease of configuration and management of the device. It offers high quality, carrier-grade voice quality with echo cancellation and fax over IP and modem over IP support. It offers support for eight simultaneous calls and up to 3 party-conferences. It can also be easily configured, as it provides automatic updating of firmware and configuration files. It has support for a wide variety of protocols (FTP, TFTP HTTPS, HTTPand TR-069) for massive deployments. Security wouldn’t be an issue as configuration files are encrypted and it has support of SNPv3 and secured SIP signaling and media transmission. Aside from the network functionalities mentioned earlier MediatrixC7s offer DHCP and STUN clients, VLAN tagging, NAPT and the support for IPv6. It also has a lot of enhanced telephony features like call routing, call forwarding, call waiting, call transfer, and voice activity detection.

Mediatrix C7 benefits

What are the main benefits on choosing Mediatrix C7? What does it offer when it comes to applications and interoperability? The VoIP gateways of Mediatrix C7s enable offices to utilize an existing IP network for a cheaper solution for voice communications. FXS/FXO connections can be easily linked to deliver a clear toll quality voice. High compression codecs are also supported which enables lowering the bandwidth capacity. There are also bypass capabilities to allow smooth transport of voice and data services. When it comes to interoperability, Mediatrix C7 devices can be easily integrated into an existing Private Branch Exchange (PBXs) and PSTN networks. It also enables the deployment of a VoIP based Remote Line Extension by the gateway provided on PSTN of the device. It is expected that you can receive a quality product from a company that is a VoIP provider with a stable and positive reputation.

Mediatrix C7 target users and the different models of the series

The Mediatrix C7 series is recommended for enterprises with branch and remote offices as well as for SOHO type businesses. If you want to enjoy VoIP with your legacy equipment or just want a cost-effective and secure VoIP migration, the Mediatrix C7 series is for you. Its’ platform is offered in either a base model variant or a PBX optional model variant. The hardware models of the series are offered on 2 different models that have either 4 or 8 FXS ports, 2 different models that have either 4 or 8 FXO ports, and a special hybrid model that offers 4 FXS ports and 4 FXO ports. It is a recommended alternative for enterprises and SMBs to address low density needs. This system is worth investing in as it offers so many benefits to consumers that need these services.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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