Specialty Merchandise Corporation: Not a Pyramid Scheme

For some reason, detractors out there have been labeling the SMC Corp. as a pyramid or networking scheme which have derailed a lot of possible entrepreneurs who’d like to set up their own business using the SMC system. For, the clueless and those who are putting the SMC name into bad light, here are the obvious reasons why the SMC is NOT a pyramid scam:

1. SMC Corp. Does Not ask you to Recruit People

From the very beginning, SMC will never ask you to recruit people. Anyone who is recruiting under the SMC name isn’t connected to the company in any way at all. There’s no point in the company asking people to invite new members. And if you were a member with the legitimate SMC Corp., you wouldn’t want to recruit either especially since recruiting new members on the SMC Corp. flagship will give you more competition. There are no chains, pyramid or network set-up to speak of. All you have to bring to enter the Specialty Merchandise Corporation family is to buy a Gold or Silver Plan.

The Gold Plan asks for $299.95 for one-year membership in one payment. The Silver Plan lets you pay $24.95 every month for the whole year. That’s it.

2. You don’t gain profit from it based on other people’s Work

For the people who want to get easy money like what pyramid or network set-ups offer you, then you’ll be vastly disappointed because that is not what SMC’s vision and mission as a company is. SMC aims to turn businessmen out of ordinary citizens because as founder Abe Levine said, ‘You work harder if your work for yourself’.

Sorry to say there will be no new recruits who will be helping you out along the way with their fees or a portion of their sales. What SMC needs is good hard solid work which transforms into sales. No shortcuts here.

3. They have real products to be sold

Unlike most hoax companies which hide the fact that they have no product to speak of with a lot of complicated jargons and collaterals, SMC actually has plenty of products to be sold. In fact, they have a full warehouse of it and 3,500 products to choose from in Montana, California if you want to verify.

Detractors might be confused with their drop shipping system simply because they don’t have any idea what the system means. Here’s a layman’s guide. Drop shipping means you have products in one setting which are readily available for shipping once order has been confirmed. This means, you can order via catalogue and in 2-3 days, the product will be delivered to your doorstep without the hassle of actually going to the site. Sellers don’t have to worry though because items will be given a customized logo and address so it would seem like the products actually came from their own doorsteps. This way, everyone wins. That’s a far cry from being a hoax, don’t you think?

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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