Tru Chocolate MLM Review – How Good is This Business?

If you are a fan of chocolates and want to earn money with them, check this Tru Chocolate MLM review out, and you may probably find something that can be a great opportunity for you. However, there are many factors that need careful attention before you can reach to any conclusion. Check this Tru Chocolate MLM review very closely to understand what might be there on this business for you.

The Background of the Company

Before we go into the details regarding the business opportunity with this company, it might pay to know more about the company itself to ensure how credible it is as an MLM business. Tru Chocolate is a part of its parent company Tru Nutrition Company. Today, Tru Nutrition has merged with Youngevity Essential Life Sciences, a renowned business that has been in operation for over twelve long years.

Youngevity Essentials was founded by Dr J Wallach in Chula Vista, California. This business deals with natural health products for their customers. Today Tru Chocolate is an entity managed by this business, adding to its credibility and trustworthiness. Being bent towards the natural products, Tru Chocolate produces sugar free chocolates that are totally organic and contain Xylitol as the sweetener.

Not only does this product provide you the great taste of any chocolate, but it also adds a number of health benefits like regulating blood sugar levels, controlling the appetite, maintaining dental health, and even acting as an agent to show great skin care. Let us now go through the business and check how it is operated through this TRU Chocolate MLM review.

The MLM Network

To give you a clear idea as to how to become a part of this networking sales opportunity, you have to start with an initial membership fee of $10. This makes you a Tru Chocolate associate, and you start your deals with buying six packets of chocolate as a starter. While you can sell the packs at $30 each, you pay only $21 as an associate for them.

As this is a multi level business, you have to sign up three associates by sponsoring them in order to move up the ladder. These three associates would then go through the same process, and so on. Whenever someone signs up as an associate with Tru Chocolate, they receive a free starter kit to help them with their initial phase.

There is much commitment required if you want to succeed with this business opportunity, just like any other MLM marketing business. Therefore keep the points mentioned in this review on your mind to make the most of this opportunity at hand.

If you want to learn more about the Tru Chocolate MLM Opportunity and how to get leads for free to make some TRUE income online, make sure you read the instructions in the resource box below.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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