When Will the Recession End? The Good News and the Bad News

When will the recession end and how can you use it as a key part of your wealth building strategy? Yes, that’s the question everyone wants to know the answer to these days. This is because, as dismal as it might seem, a recession presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to get rich fast, an opportunity which many will miss.

Will you be the one kicking yourself when you look back on this time and realize you missed out on the greatest wealth building opportunity in American History? That will all depend on the immediate decisions you make about your financial life, because as you’ll soon discover, the door is closing VERY fast.

The Bad News About the End of the Recession.

Economic crisis always get worse before they get better. It’s been that way since as far back as recorded history goes. For example, if you examine the circumstances leading up to the fall of the Roman Empire, you’ll find sever distinct stages which the economy went through, the last of which led to a massive wealth transfer which:

• Wiped out the middle Class
• Plunged the majority of the middle class into poverty
• Launched a small majority of the middle class into a life of wealth and luxury

This happened with more than just the Roman Empire. Once you learn the seven stages referred to above, you’ll see how it also took place in the empires of:

• Germany
• The United States (The great depression)
• Russia
• The Babylonian Empire
• The Persian Empire
• The Egyptian Empire

The list of examples is long and shocking, especially when it’s threaded with the same predictable pattern which has under-girded the rise and fall of every large and powerful economy. The bad news is that the majority of people are oblivious to this and are applying the popular strategies of wealth building.

Thankfully, there’s good news for those who are diligent in seeking the correct knowledge of the principles which govern the flow of wealth…

The Closely Guarded Knowledge of the Super Rich

While millions of people are on the edge of their seats asking: “When will the recession end?” another knowledge able yet quiet group of people are positioning themselves to be on the right end of the largest wealth transfer in history. That’s right, as you’re reading this, the United States of America, and therefore the world, is on the cusp of the sixth stage of the economic pattern which has been responsible for the creation of more millionaires and billionaires than any other event in existence.

You’ll either learn the simple stages of this predictable pattern and, most important, the under-girding principle which controls the flow of the pattern, or you’ll end up watching massive rivers of wealth flow into the hands of the rich as you sink into poverty.

If this scares you, that’s good. Better to get motivated to learn your next move than to stand by oblivious while others step up and take what’s rightfully yours. The knowledge and the opportunity is yours for the taking, but the time is passing quickly.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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