Why “Incorporate” My Business As a LLC? 5 More Reasons

Be prepared to weather the current economic environment with skill by forming your business right. Start your own business as a LLC formation or incorporate to better establish your business. “Why should I form my own business as a LLC formation?” you ask.  Well, here are 5 good reasons. 

1) Reputation and Marketing

Having “LLC” tacked onto the end of your own business name is an important step in gaining the professional trust of competition and clients.

2) Less paperwork than traditional corporations

Because of the “Pass-Through” status of the LLC business, there is no need to prepare extra tax forms for the company.  Generally, you will only need to prepare your own tax form.

3) No need for formal meetings and minutes

When starting your own business as a Limited Liability Company, you are not required to keep formal minutes of regular meetings, as in a corporation.

4) Shared Income

If you have a family business or want to build your family’s wealth without raising your own taxes, consider paying family members in a lower tax bracket to do some work for you and raise their own money for college or spending. 

5) Passing on Ownership

Again, if you want to keep the business in the family, a LLC formation allows for easy transfer of ownership to the next generation or anyone else you would like to bring into ownership of the business.

 There are 5 more Reasons to start your own business as a LLC formation.  I hope you find this list informative and useful.  As always, be sure to educate yourself with good research, surround yourself with professional advice, and think through the options carefully before making such an important decision with your business.

Thanks for reading 5 more reasons to incorporate your own business as a LLC formation!

(While the above is intended to help educate you to make an informed decision and is written to provide as accurate and valuable information as possible, please do not consider any of the above as professional or legal advice.  Always be sure to get advice from authorized professionals whom you know to be trustworthy.)

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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